Opal | The Marketing Calendar for the Enterprise

Branding the marketing calendar for the enterprise

Opal is solving some of the most systemic problems in modern enterprise marketing. By building a shared dynamic calendar, teams can self-align and collaborate around the key moments across channels to drive & define a brand’s success. 

Working closely with the executive leadership team I was tasked with evolving Opal into a more aspirational, emotional brand. The marketing ecosystem is cluttered with over-promising, under delivering tools, how does a true enterprise product stand out? By elevating the brand elements to be more expressive and results focused, rather than features and functionality.

Opal is used by some of the world most exceptional brands including: Amazon, NASA, Starbucks, Microsoft, Airbnb, GM, State Farm and more. Learn more at workwithopal.com 

Opal Identity
Opal Brand Color Palette
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Opal | The Marketing Calendar for the Enterprise
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